The need to recreate ourselves as Canadians has presented itself.

For far too long, regular citizens in this country have allowed a narrative to steer this country which has dealt them limited success, limited peace of mind, and limited opportunity.

What is in limbo today among the general public of Canadians, is their sense of national identity. If our party, and the Canadian nationalist movement is to succeed, then it hinges on reviving and reigniting this sense of national identity. It is this sense of identity which we will use to stand strong in the face of adversity and serve as a means of uniting our people.

Fellow Canadians, we have before us today, an opportunity to revive something great from the past but also take traditionalist spirit into a bold and daringly new direction. This opportunity is granted to us by the very void which our current political climate makes available to us. They are presenting us an opportunity which we cannot afford not to take.

In a genuine and tasteful display, we must win the hearts and minds of the Canadian people.

Our sense of identity, as Canadian people, is not something we can afford to take lightly. It is not something which can be whispered, but rather, it must be spoken loudly. It is not something which can easily be described explicitly. But rather, it is something that is displayed through our actions.

Our identity, as Canadians, must be thoughtfully presented in a manner resembling a work of art. Our identity is a performance.

Being Canadian is not something that is recorded at a government office. It is not something that can be searched for by a patrol agent in the luggage of a border-crossing economic opportunist. It is not something which can be found on a passport. It is not something which can be bought or sold in the open marketplace.

Being Canadian is something one must be born with. The question must be posed – is it in you to be Canadian? The sacrifice we make for the greater good of our people is the essence of what it means to be Canadian.

It is not the common man who could have broken the Canadian soil and turned that into daily bread. That is something which is uniquely part of the Canadian national identity.

What we are building, as a movement and as a people, is a performance of Canadian traditionalism. It requires that we shed the layers which no longer serve us, and trim the excess of that which does not empower us.

We are no different than the canvas which lies before the painter and his eager brush – the sculptor and his slab of marble. We are the artists which give life to this form of art.

Being Canadian means looking across from you, at your fellow countrymen and lending them a hand in their time of need. Whether it is someone who has fallen on hard times, or simply an occasion where we need to lend a listening ear, our comradery compels us to raise up our fellow man.

Our countrymen are our kin. Their success is our success and their pain is our pain.

As Canadians, we have not only a respect, but a God-loving fear of the natural world. The natural world fills us with awe and a sense of wonder. We understand that there is still so much yet to be explored – and that is a feeling we attribute to our surroundings but to our own identity as well. There is still so much to be explored, and so much to be uncovered as to who we are and how far we are capable of going.

We respect the natural world because we understand that Mother Nature favors no one. We are all subject to the harshest laws she affords us. For this, there can be no cheating the laws of the natural world. We honor this most brutish and never ending struggle against Mother Nature.

Woe be to those who do not honor the authority of Mother Nature and natural law.

Being Canadian comes from a sense of community. It is said that when European settlers first began making contact with the Indian tribes of North America, the word “Kanata” was used to describe the various townships of early settlers. Originally an aboriginal word, we have since adopted this concept of township and community to describe our identity on a national level.

This is a township which is not open to everyone. We place our own customs and community above the interests of others. This is a behavior exemplified by only the strongest and most willing species.

We are one people bound by blood, bound by soil, and united under the pursuit to conquer the natural world.

This is what it means to be Canadian.

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Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party