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They will not stop until our history, our culture, and our people have been replaced.

The changes start with our flag, our anthem, and now statues of our historical leaders.

We are denied our ability to assemble and speak, yet forced to fund these very same spaces which are prohibited to us.

A deadly terrorist attack in a city once considered safe is now an opportunity to confiscate our firearms.

Our central bank, the rightful property of the Canadian people, now in the hands of private profiteers.

An electoral system where the two main parties share common owners.

A government who intends to destroy the people who elected it – a government without grounds of authority.

A veneer of political correctness, and a desire for complete political reset on the minds of many.

These are the issues too important not to address.

How far (and fast) this country has slipped, and yet Canadians remain silent. Fearful they will be the next target of the media propaganda machine, they find solace in what little they have left.

The Canadian man and women has been in a political coma, and it is time to awaken.

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Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party