The Canadian Nationalist Party has received an update from Elections Canada on their application to register a new federal political party. As a non-partisan, government agency, it is the responsibility of Elections Canada to ensure that Canadians can exercise their choices in federal elections and referendums through an open and impartial process. In this disclosure, we will inform supporters of the nationalist movement on our full registration application.

Total valid declarations: 238 + 113 = 351 + an additional 54 which were mailed in after the July 21st deadline for a total of 405 valid membership declarations mailed in to Elections Canada. The additional 54 membership declarations mailed in after the July 21st deadline were never processed. Of the original 351 mailed in during eligible periods, a total of 135 confirmed their membership for a conversion rate of 38.4%. If we assume this current conversion rate of 38.4% on all future declarations, than in order to meet the required 250 confirmed members, at least 650 declarations would need to be mailed in.

When our political party requested that Elections Canada send a second letter to those who had not responded, our request was refused. We were told that if a member had not received a confirmation letter than another letter cannot be issued.

We are currently in the process of collecting video and written testimonials of those who signed membership declarations yet never received a confirmation letter from Elections Canada.

It is worth noting, that in elections past, the requirement to confirm a declaration through a letter sent from Elections Canada did not exist. Already, a number of previously registered political parties have been involuntarily deregistered because of these new requirements.

Members have a single opportunity to confirm their declaration by way of a letter from Elections Canada which may or may not actually arrive. Additionally, the windows of eligibility to mail in new declarations and also have those declarations confirmed are placed within strict time constraints. For example, after we had received our status of application letter on June 21st from Elections Canada, we were given until July 20th to provide the remaining required declarations (less than a month in time).

On the membership declaration form itself is a requirement to list the individual’s residential address, birthdate, and first and last name. Elections Canada already has this information stored in the National Register of Electors.

All communication between our organization and Elections Canada (including scanned copies of every membership declaration, email correspondence, and phone call) has been electronically recorded.

The process to register the Canadian Nationalist Party as an official federal option will continue. If you are interested in having our party registered, here are the steps to take:

  1. Print and sign a membership declaration.
  2. Mail your declaration to: 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7
  3. Subscribe to our mailing list.

We are asking every and all members to mail in declarations.

If you are someone who requires membership declaration forms mailed to you, please contact us. For more information call +1 (888) 505 – 9956.

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian nationalist movement and we look forward to working alongside you.


Canadian Nationalist Party

It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.