Elections Canada has recently committed an error in the mailout of another federal party in Canada. On the membership declarations of another party’s confirmation letters were the name of our party, the ‘Canadian Nationalist Party‘.

The Canadian Nationalist Party thanks those who have called us to confirm their recipiency and return of these letters. However, the names have been misprinted by Elections Canada.

We are advising those who are receiving letters, to mail us the forms directly, or sign a membership declaration.


1 Yonge Street,

Suite 1801

Toronto, ON

M5E 1W7

Our party has requested further advice on how to proceed with this error on behalf of Elections Canada. When we have a response to this request, we will provide an update in the article.

There should not be this type of mailing error with registering new parties. It shows nothing but inefficiency and malfunction. It should not take a new political party 5 months to be federally registered. This is a process that could be conducted with online digital signatures. An inefficient postal service is creating a barrier between new parties and their ability to present their platform to public.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

The CNP is currently in the process of submitting a new application to register with Elections Canada which includes 500 singed declarations. Our target is to have the application mailed in by December.

You can join the conversation on our forum: http://forum.nationalist.ca

For more information:


+1 (888) 505 – 9956

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