People everywhere are speaking up and getting active in the face of Islamic hostility toward their native homeland and their very well-being as citizens. Yet, no country as of date has taken the necessary action to remove this cultural cancer from their society.

Why is this?

Why is it that no Western Country has managed to democratically reform their laws to remove an obvious threat to the continuation of their country and its founding ideology? Why is it that this is happening in every Western Country and in only Western Countries?

Islam is not compatible with the West. Make no mistake about it however, once Islam has been used to accomplish political goals, then it too will be cast aside like a wet rag.

Here is a prediction: with open borders and lax immigration standards, our country, built on a welfare system, will continue to deteriorate in the services it is capable of providing to the public. No effort on behalf of the “official” government will be made to solve this problem.

From observing political progressions around the world, one must ask themselves at what point does voting ourselves out of this situation become non-viable?

Why is government forcing us to pay taxation then spending that public revenue on paving the roads of foreign countries or settling legal disputes with known terrorists? Are we a country that negotiates with terrorists?

At what point does this justifiably represent taxation without representation?

If no country has as of yet voted themselves out of their current situation, then they will not. It becomes clear the system itself is preventing them from making the change they wish to see.

If the current system no longer represents the will of our fellow countrymen, then it must be discarded and a new one built.


Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party