The Canadian Nationalist Party believes the carbon tax must be abolished in order to ensure the economic prosperity of our natural resources sector.

Producers in the oil and petroleum industries will not absorb the additional costs of manufacturing their product themselves, but rather, pass these additional costs down to end-consumers. The consumers of oil and petroleum products are often producers themselves, operating in adjacent industries which quite literally form the ‘bread and butter’ of our economic engine. With the carbon tax, gasoline and diesel prices will make crucial industries such as agriculture less profitable. When it is no longer profitable for the farmer to operate his machines, no crops are sown. When no crops are sown the raw materials for staple foods becomes unavailable. Grocery stores stock less and shelves lay bare.

General transportation costs for trucking companies will see a steep increase, with the additional costs translating into a rise in prices in everything from basic items found at the supermarket to everyday consumer goods.

Rural populations, especially those without access to public transportation, will be disproportionately affected due to their reliance on vehicle ownership.

Essentially all industries within our natural resource sector will be affected negatively due to this burdensome taxation scheme.

Do not think for a second that the carbon tax has been implemented to combat an urgent and unsustainable progression of climate change. It has been implemented to squeeze the average Canadian taxpayer even tighter, allowing the wasteful budget of our federal government to grow even larger.

Both our Liberal and Conservative governments have been initiated into the United Nations radical agenda of ‘environmental sustainability’, which pledges to take ‘urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’.

Put simply, addressing climate change is not a pressing issue in Canada.

The truth is that the climate is always changing. There is never a point at which the climate is not in a state of change and the current activity of humans is not creating change to a significant enough degree to justify a taxation scheme which will ultimately suppress the economic activity of our country, increase the taxation budget of a wrecklessly-wasteful Liberal Government, and put us at a competitive disadvantage to our Americans neighbors who have already adopted a stance of climate skepticism and withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement.


Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party