In an act of violation of charter rights, the City of Saskatoon has refused the Canadian Nationalist Party a permit to assemble on public property at City Hall. This refusal to allow a federal political party the right to assemble on public property and freely express their policies to Canadian voters comes in the midst of an active election. By disallowing the Canadian Nationalist Party a permit to assemble publicly, the City of Saskatoon is openly and blatantly violating the democratic rights of a political party sanctioned by the Canadian Government.

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This decision comes shortly after the City of Saskatoon was defrauded out of $1.04 million taxpayer dollars.

The Canadian Nationalist Party will not recognize the authority of a government (municipal, provincial, or federal) which violates its ability to exercise charter rights, especially that of a federal political party during an active election.

If the democratic channels are not available to the Canadian Nationalist Party, than we will have no choice but to pursue alternative methods of implementing the political change we desire.

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