The Canadian Nationalist Party is today announcing the candidacy of Lac-Saint-Louis resident Ray Coelho. This is the party’s third candidate to be successfully nominated and the first candidate to be nominated in Quebec. The Canadian Nationalist Party is excited to see the progress of its candidate roster and the groundswell of support the movement has attracted both from ethnic majorities as well as minorities.

Mr. Coelho lives in Lac-Saint-Louis where his studies involved fiscal policy around economics & banking as well as legal rehabilitation for ethnic minorities and those disproportionately targeted by racial profiling.

While the Canadian Nationalist Party does believe representing the interests of the ethnic majority in Canada is a priority, it is not an ethnically exclusive party, and is open to working with and working for all Canadians on many issues.

Where many other parties believe in prioritizing ethnic minorities over the ethnic majority, yet still put forward policies for all Canadians, we represent the inversion of this: we put the ethnic majority before ethnic minorities while putting forward policies that we believe all Canadians can benefit from.

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