The Canadian Nationalist Party is ordering Evan Balgord of the ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’ to cease & desist their defamatory portrayal of our organization leading up to the current Federal Election.

The nature of the order focuses on targeting individual candidates while they campaign in their respective districts by calling for social and potentially physical repercussions as well as publishing categorically false information, such as:

  • The Canadian Nationalist Party represents ‘neo-nazi’ or ‘white nationalist’ ideology.
  • The leadership of the Canadian Nationalist Party is currently under investigation for alleged ‘hate speech’.
  • The Canadian Nationalist Party has called for the removal of ‘Jews’ from Canada.

None of these claims are true. Yet, Evan Balgord and the ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’ continue to work with deceptive media outlets to disseminate these lies to the Canadian public in an effort to suppress nationalism within our country. These are potentially libelous and defamatory activities against our organization. The ‘community alerts’ the CAN have published on their website as well as targeting the employers of individual supporters could rightfully be considered criminal harassment.

Earlier this year, Evan Balgord filed a bogus complaint with the RCMP for ‘hate speech’ against our campaign. This complaint failed to meet any threshold necessary to lay charges, yet Balgord and his organization continue to falsely claim there is an ongoing investigation.

After this criminal complaint failed to garner any significant attention, Balgord then ran on a campaign of sabotaging the Canadian Nationalist Party from becoming a federally registered political party. This too failed, as the Canadian Nationalist Party did indeed received eligibility on August 29th with Elections Canada. The ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’ continues to run on the claim that the CNP is attempting to ‘hide in the shadows’, as phrased by board member Amira Elghawaby in an interview with CBC. Evan Balgord then used an anonymous ‘anti-racism’ blog to publish the names and locations of individuals who supported our party application for registration despite the fact that the party itself published this same information. Chairman Bernie Farber has also been using our state-funded media broadcaster (CBC) to defame and libel our organization by claiming we are a ‘hate group’ and one which espouses ‘neo-nazi’ ideology. Despite numerous attempts to open a channel of dialogue, Bernie Farber has declined to reciprocate with our invitations to clarify our position for him.

Let us be clear: We have nothing to hide. We are Canadian Nationalists and we will not tolerate this type of treachery against our national sovereignty.

Now that Evan Balgord and his hypocritical ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’ have failed to slow our campaign on basically every front, they are diminishing the credibility of Canadian media outlets by using them to publish their sensationalist rhetoric and harassing the employers of our supporters. These people ironically refer to themselves as ‘anti-hate activists’.

To date, the Canadian Nationalist Party has done nothing illegal, said nothing hateful, and incited no violence.

Evan Balgord, as the Executive Director of the ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’, we are ordering you to cease & desist your defamatory and libelous activity against our organization immediately or we will pursue necessary recourse. This is a notice that you are engaging in illegal activity and can expect further action if you do not cease & desist immediately.

The ‘Canadian Anti-Hate Network’ is funded by foreign NGO’s to operate within Canada for the sole reason of suppressing nationalism and democratic representation within our country.

We require a retraction of your libelous statements and a public apology.


Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party

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If the public is interested in helping the Canadian Nationalist Party hold these types of activists accountable, we ask you to send in any additional information you may have on this organization:

Phone: +1-888-505-9956


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