Town Of Redvers
25 Railway Ave
PO Box 249
Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.
PO Box 490,
11 Broadway Street
Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

DATED: April 18th, 2020


WHEN: 12:00 NOON, April 21st, 2020
WHERE: Redvers Cenotaph
WHY: Speak on the current circumstances in our country and their relation to religious scripture.

Town Of Redvers,

I am writing you today to inform you that our political constituency will be hosting a demonstration within your municipality in order to speak on the current circumstances in our country and their relation to religious scripture.

We are aware the Government Of Saskatchewan has recently declared a state of emergency, and under this pretense, is attempting to further encroach on our ability to gather in the public space. We stand in objection to what we see as an unlawful declaration from the Provincial Government and will make no concessions to limit the size of our demonstration or limit the ability of our members to travel throughout the province. This alarmist declaration of emergency is unprecedented and unnecessary and has a high probability of causing suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province.

During, and leading up to, the recent 43rd Federal Election, our officially-sanctioned political party was not permitted to host publicly and communicate our policies to Canadian voters. We believe this to be a most serious violation of our democratic, constitutional, and fundamental rights as citizens. Under these current circumstances it is essentially impossible to elect a representative from our constituency on the grounds that we are not permitted to host a public event in order to promote our policies and compete in the existing democratic system.

Our denial of a permit after we gained official status with Elections Canada and after the drop of the writ on September 11th, 2019 is only the most pronounced and fundamental example that Canada’s democratic institutions are illegitimate. Despite violating no hate speech legislation and enduring a ridiculous campaign to sabotage our registration efforts, our so-called “guaranteed” rights and freedoms remain unavailable to us.

Failure to respect our right to gather in the public space in order to exchange ideas will be interpreted as yet another state-sanctioned hostility towards us as a people, political constituency, and unique nationality.


Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party