Town Of Redvers
25 Railway Ave
PO Box 249
Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.
PO Box 490,
11 Broadway Street
Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

DATED: April 25th, 2020



We would kindly ask the municipality to be flexible with the following dates and allow us to announce additional dates as the proceeding progresses.

WHERE: Redvers Cenotaph
WHY: Convene a Common Law Tribunal in order to lawfully settle charges Party Leader Travis Patron is currently accused of.
WHO: Any Canadian citizen is welcome to attend on the conditions that they agree to serve as a witness in good faith of the proceedings and make no effort whatsoever to disrupt the proceedings otherwise they may be held liable for contempt of court.
HOW: With God as our witness and according to the principles of Natural Justice and Due Process.

Town Of Redvers,

We are writing you today to give notice that our political constituency will be hosting a demonstration spanning multiple dates within your municipality in order to lawfully settle charges Party Leader Travis Patron is currently accused of. This proceeding will be conducted under the watchful eye of the community by bringing into existence a Common Law Tribunal within the jurisdiction of the Canadian Nationalist Party.

We are very grateful to the Town Of Redvers for not prohibiting us from using this space, and for not infringing on our ability to assemble, express ourselves, and reclaim the public commons for the betterment of our nation. We can assure you that any constructive assistance in this demonstration, and the proceedings thereof, will not be forgotten or taken for granted but paid back in abundance. We are grateful to those who are of patience and understanding.

In accordance with Clause 39 of our constitutional Magna Carta, which our political constituency did swear by on March 3rd, 2020, the Crown cannot proceed against any freeman, or send others to do so, except according to the lawful sentence of their peers and according to the Common Law.

Earlier this year, we served the following notices to the Provincial Government Of Saskatchewan:

The Provincial Government Of Saskatchewan has thus far failed to respond to these notices. In consideration of this failure to respond, this claim is now taken to mean that all interested parties agree that the Magna Carta was successfully invoked on March 23rd, 2001, and is currently the Supreme Law of the realm. Any objection to this claim must be made on full commercial liability and on penalty of perjury. Those who fail to honour the treaty of Magna Carta, which was sealed by King John of England in the year 1215 at Runnymede, may be held criminally liable for aiding and abetting High Treason.

It is not our intention to conduct ourselves unlawfully nor act against the conditions before us. However, it is our required duty to stand entirely under the tenets of English Constitution. Whilst the Magna Carta provides a ‘lawful excuse’ to distress the crown and its institutions at this time, it is to our understanding that we cannot consent to any other method of settling the aforementioned charges except by way of “a lawful sentence of a jury of peers and according to the Common Law”. English Constitutional Law forbids us to aid and abet the Crown until redress has been made. It also forbids us to aid and abet any other man or woman who is not also standing in lawful dissent. We must (by law) also compel you, Municipality Of Redvers, to abide by constitutional law and to stand with the people in lawful dissent as is demanded of us.

We are aware the Government Of Saskatchewan has recently declared a state of emergency, and under this pretense, is attempting to further encroach on our ability to gather in the public space. Various municipalities within the provincial jurisdiction (Saskatoon) have already violated our constitutional and democratic rights to assemble publicly and speak policies to the voting public during an election. We stand in objection to what we see as an unlawful declaration from the Provincial Government and will make no concessions to limit the size of our demonstration or limit the ability of members of the community from hearing/observing testimony/trial on the grounds that to do otherwise has the potential to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

The wheel of justice must continue to turn – and it will do so under our Common Law Tribunal.

Failure to respect our right to gather in the public space in order to enforce the rule of law will be interpreted as yet another state-sanctioned hostility towards us as a people, political constituency, and unique nationality.


Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party