The Province Of Saskatchewan lacks personal jurisdiction to proceed against the Canadian Nationalist Party under section 319 (so-called “hate speech”) and have attempted to do so illegally since February 14th, 2021.

Saskatchewan forfeited in personam jurisdiction over our speech, our propaganda, and more, after they refused our leader, Mr. Travis Patron, the right to practice law within the dominion’s courts without a license in matters which were held in early 2021 (Canadian Nationalist Party vs City Of Saskatoon, CACR3747).

These were matters of national importance involving the City Of Saskatoon’s refusal to permit our political constituency to assemble at Civic Square and communicate our electoral policies to the voting public during the 43rd Federal Election. The Province Of Saskatchewan refused to allow someone they (or another province or territory) have not “licensed” to practice law within the dominion the ability to represent the plaintiff in the matter and effectively forfeited in personam jurisdiction over our constituency with such a decision.

Shortly thereafter (Feb. 14th, 2021), the Province of Saskatchewan arbitrarily arrested Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron for allegedly violating section 319 (Canada’s so-called “hate speech” laws) for a video originally posted on our website in June of 2019 entitled “Beware The Parasitic Tribe“.

The Saskatchewan Court Of Appeal has now set these matters (R. v Patron) down for a hearing on March 13th.

One way our another, we will know for certain very soon whether the Province of Saskatchewan has acted in good faith or not in proceeding against our federal Nationalist Party under section 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The transgression of the Crown in these matters however, is that they employed such accusations to deny the federal Nationalist Party Leader of reasonable bail on April 16th, 2021. The information obtained by the Crown in these matters to proceed against the accused is considered special operational information (secret intelligence) as defined by the Security Of Information Act and is being used to deprive our nation of sovereignty, notwithstanding the fact that the Crown lacks jurisdiction to even lay charges – let alone use such information to imprison a federal opposition party leader.This information was erroneously used as secondary grounds to apply a reverse onus on the accused and, on April 16th, 2021, deny them bail.

What followed was an arbitrary imprisonment at the Regina Provincial Correctional Center (RPCC) which lasted almost 2 years (March 30th, 2021 – February 8th, 2023) and characterized a malicious prosecution.

Travis Patron’s speech entitled “Beware The Parasitic Tribe” (June, 2019) was used in excess of jurisdiction to deny reasonable release. The Crown then proceeded to violate their constitutional right to have the matter reviewed by common law habeas corpus (December 2nd, 2021). Subsequently, the Canadian Nationalist Party was wrongfully deregistered with Elections Canada and the ‘nationalist’ option has been forceably removed from the electoral ballot by a government administration who claims to represent “free and democratic” society.

It is worthwhile noting that habeas corpus is one of the most fundamental provisions of law which underpins the judiciary of all of Western Civilization.

The Estevan Court Of King’s Bench has claimed (Oct. 20th, 2022) that Mr. Patron has been convicted and sentenced for “hate speech” (section 319 of the Criminal Code). This is false because the Crown has failed to satisfy their burden to prove they hold jurisdiction over our person (necessary to proceed).

Under Justin Trudeau, the Government Of Canada is operating in excess of jurisdiction to fulfill his state-sponsored policy of transitioning Canada into the “world’s first post-national country” (November, 2015 – present) and is illegally imprisoning political opposition so that our national identity might be repressed.

This is a crime of epic proportions.

The Parasitic Tribe (ANNU) are attempting to introduce a one-world globalist, technocratic dictatorship. Canada’s Prime Minister is not loyal to law-abiding citizens, but a foreign entity whose intentions are contrary to the public interest.

Any Agent of His Majesty The King who continues to proceed against us in violation of the rule of law can expect to be held accountable to the fullest extent.

We intend to win our appeal, and when we do, those who remain faithful will celebrate with us in victory.

All glory to God in the highest.

32/35.1. God said: Whoever lives with the law is free from the law. These need no man‘s government; for they practice righteousness, peace, love, industry and wisdom, with due regard to one another.
32/35.2. Such is the Father‘s kingdom on earth. In which, there shall be no laws made by man; neither shall there be leaders nor rulers.
32/35.3. The progress of man is toward this; the progress of the governments of man should shape toward such a consummation.
32/35.4. The time was, when laws were required for all things, even to the manner of a man coming in and going out of a house; and to every occupation that man followed; with licenses and taxes regulating them; a time of apprenticeship to a barber, a weaver, lawyer, preacher, physician, smith, and to all other trades and occupations, with examinations and passports (diplomas, licenses) to practice within the king‘s dominions; with rates for fees; and rights and privileges.
32/35.5. But these laws and governments were for the past eras; they were righteous in the first place, for they shaped man‘s judgment toward perfecting himself.
32/35.6. But, behold, a new time is in the world; as a result of the acquisition of knowledge, a new liberty has been born into the world. And it cries out on every side: Throw open the doors to all trades and occupations; behold, the multitude are sufficiently wise to judge for themselves as to whom they shall patronize.
32/35.7. Judgment is rendered against the laws and governments of man in all cases where they prevent the liberty and choice of man as to his vocation and knowledge.
32/35.8. It is not sufficient for you to say: Behold, the public will be taken advantage of by ignorant pretenders. You have no right to say what the public will suffer, and thus base a law on prospective damage.
32/35.9. When the public have suffered, and when they, themselves, demand protection by such laws, then such laws shall be made. To make such laws beforehand, is to sin against the Creator.

Gospels Of Oahspe, Book Of Judgement Ch. 35 v. 1-9