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01 National Policy

We must subsidize and protect the growth of Canadian industries at home and abroad.

02 Demographic Policy

We must maintain the demographic status of the current European-descended majority.

03 Monarchical Policy

We must consolidate national decisions under the vested interests of an authority above the democratic system.

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The CNP represents the founding Canadian people, hereby describing European Canadians in partnership with our Indian People.

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  • Brandon Nationalist Conference – March 2018

  • Toronto Nationalist Conference – January 2017

  • Calgary Nationalist Conference – March 2018

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Our 21 Point Program

On the basis of the principle of self-determination, we demand …

  1. Vote of non-confidence in our current Prime Minister.
  2. Return to sound money (backed by the labour product and under the dominion of Canadian citizens) by legally reforming the Bank of Canada.
  3. Temporary pause on immigration, saving an estimated $35 Billion annually, which we will then use to pay down our public debt. (Putting a temporary pause on immigration will save us $35 Billion annually)
  4. Return citizenship requirements to founding criteria. All citizens must pass an examination to demonstrate basic understanding of our history, language, and government.
  5. Lower small business tax to 7% (!) to encourage entrepreneurship and new job creation.
  6. Abolish the income tax for individuals earning less than $100K and reintroduce income-splitting.
  7. Introduce a nation-wide harmonized sales tax (HST) and harmonized estate tax (HET).
  8. Withdraw from trans-national legal agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which undermine the sovereign independence of Canada.
  9. Eliminate anti-trust legislation for wholly state-owned conglomerates, while encouraging monopoly positions which provide universal basic income (UBI).
  10. Create a national transportation strategy, incorporating long-term demographic trends and sound environmental standards.
  11. Introduce a federal education program, offering instruction on Canadian history and athletics.
  12. End inter-provincial equalization payments.
  13. Transition to a mixed healthcare system, reducing wait-times by introducing market competition.
  14. Introduce a universal childcare program consisting of subsidized daycare and monthly tax credits.
  15. Allow employees to opt out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in favor of private pension funds under government regulation.
  16. Newlywed couples be eligible for a marriage loan, 20% of which is dropped with each common child.
  17. Reinstate capital punishment for criminal acts of treason, terrorism, and pedophilia.
  18. Increase military funding to 5% GDP and grant lifelong pensions to injured veterans.
  19. Abolish dual-citizenship and enforce single-citizenship nationality.
  20. Formation of a national citizen reserve, specifically for the purposes of self-defence.
  21. In order to carry out this program, a strong central State with the authority of domestic monarchy alongside an elected senate on the grounds they be willing to execute this 21 Point Program.

Our Leader

Travis Patron

Travis Patron is a political economist and digital money researcher best known for his work on the internet payment system bitcoin.

At the age of 21, Travis incorporated Diginomics, a bitcoin investment firm focusing on the changing nature of government regulation, taxation, and business collaboration on a global basis.

With special interests in cryptography and computer programming, Diginomics has quickly grown to become a leading voice in the highly ambitious cryptocurrency industry.

As a respected public speaking authority, Travis has helped audiences ranging from small teams to corporate conferences understand the implications of programmable money.

In all of these positions, the common denominator has been serving as someone who is able to explain in simple terms, the most cutting-edge developments in internet-enabling socio-economic collaboration.

Studying at the University of Saskatchewan from 2010 – 2013, Travis specialized in economic policy. During his post-secondary academic career, he also studied on exchange at both the University of Montreal and Stockholm University.

At the age of 25, he founded the Canadian Nationalist Party.

Born in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Travis has always attributed his success to the sense of work ethic and humbleness instilled in him through the farming community.

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