Elections Canada – Tools For Candidates

Candidate’s consent

You must sign the statement of your consent to the nomination (Part 2 of the nomination paper) in the presence of a witness, who will also sign the form. This witness to your consent must be a qualified elector. This person will also submit your completed nomination paper to the returning officer for the electoral district where you intend to run.

Electors’ consent

You must provide the names, addresses and signatures of at least 100 electors who are qualified to vote in the electoral district where you intend to run and who consent to your candidacy.

Note: In the case of the larger or remote electoral districts listed in Schedule 3 of the Act, the required minimum number of signatures is 50. This list is reviewed following the redistribution of electoral districts and comes into force at the call of a general election.

The signatures of electors consenting to your candidacy must also be witnessed. The witness or witnesses to these signatures are not required to be qualified electors. All signatures on individual pages must be witnessed by the same person.

In addition to the completed nomination paper, the following items must be filed with the returning officer:

  • A statement signed by the auditor consenting to act in that capacity.
  • A letter signed by the person or persons authorized by the political party to endorse prospective candidates that states that the prospective candidate is endorsed by the party. This applies only if you are endorsed by a political party and wish to have the party’s name appear under your name on the ballot.

Main Steps:

  • Check that you meet the criteria set out in Part 6 of the Canada Elections Act
  • Appoint an official agent and eligible auditor
  • Obtain and fill out a EC 20010 Nomination Paper
  • Obtain at least 100 (or at least 50, if applicable) eligible signatures
  • Have a qualified elector witness your consent to the nomination
  • Have the witness to your consent file the nomination paper and other required documents with the returning officer before 2:00 p.m. local time on Monday, the 21st day before election day
  • Submit the required financial documents following the election

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