The CNP is calling for supporters to mail in their membership declaration before we submit our registration application to Elections Canada in the 2019 New Year.

Since the 42nd Federal Election, Canadians have watched as Justin Trudeau has systemically eroded their charter rights of free expression and public assembly, the sovereignty of their country, their firearms rights, and vocally supported terrorism within our jurisdiction.

The process to register the Canadian Nationalist Party as an official federal option will continue.

"I am writing you today because I believe the civil rights of our organization to host an event on the University of Toronto campus were recently violated."

Canadians have reached a point with the Conservative Party where they need to take a hard look at if this constituency is something that represents their best interests or simply a collection of weak-willed politicians who worship at the alter of political correctness.

On behalf of the Canadian Nationalist Party I would like to thank you for hosting our group on Saturday ...

The Canadian Nationalist Party is asking CBC, CTV, and CityNews to retract their statements characterizing our group as "white nationalist" and issue a public apology for not gathering perspectives from both sides of the story before going public with a media report.

Thank you to our hosts, our sponsors, and our members for making this most recent Western Canada Tour a success. The Canadian Nationalist Party will continue developing its offering in order to ensure that native-born Canadians have a political platform they can use to make constructive change in our country.

No pain is greater than seeing my beloved country be destroyed by these evil forces who've infiltrated Ottawa.

On Friday, June 29th the Canadian Nationalist Party was denied a permit to demonstrate on public property by the City of Saskatoon.