Unless the Israel Defense Force can acknowledge and apologize for their lethal actions against our servicemen, Canadians must rethink their relationship with Israel and make no special concessions to accommodate political Zionism.

Both the complaints for alleged "hate propaganda" and the complaint of trademark infringement are invalid.

A Warning Against Hypocrisy


Posted by Canadian Nationalist Party on Saturday, June 29, 2019

A warning against hypocrisy ...

Beware The Parasitic Tribe

Beware The Parasitic Tribe https://www.nationalist.ca/2019/06/04/beware-the-parasitic-tribe/If you support the CNP, we ask you to print/sign/mail a membership declaration (www.nationalist.ca/form) to our office (1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON). Membership in multiple parties is acceptable.Every person who submits a signed declaration is granted a complimentary founding membership in the party. Please text +1-306-700-2193 if you need forms mailed to you. #CanadaFirst #cdnpoli

Posted by Canadian Nationalist Party on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

One of the gravest threats to the well-being of Canadians ...

In attending this protest, we are standing in solidarity with Canadian cultural values which explicitly reject the actions of Islamic fundamentalism and any political body who turns a blind eye to this growing threat.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is calling for the resignation of Justin Trudeau on the grounds that he and his governing party illegally interefered in the criminal prosecution of Quebec-based company SNC Lavalin. No ruling party can claim the authority to govern Canada if they themselves are actively violating Canadian Law, the law that they swore to uphold while taking public office. An early election must be called and Canadians will choose a new governing party and a new Prime Minister.

The CNP is calling for supporters to mail in their membership declaration before we submit our registration application to Elections Canada in the 2019 New Year.

The process to register the Canadian Nationalist Party as an official federal option will continue.

"I am writing you today because I believe the civil rights of our organization to host an event on the University of Toronto campus were recently violated."

Canadians have reached a point with the Conservative Party where they need to take a hard look at if this constituency is something that represents their best interests or simply a collection of weak-willed politicians who worship at the alter of political correctness.