Nationalist Code of Conduct

1#  We are to do what is necessary while avoiding harshness, If what is necessary can only be viewed as harsh then we are to take no pleasure in it.

2# The definition of the word Nationalism is our code and must be memorized by every member within the CNP – to identify with one’s own nation and support its interests above all others.

3# When representing the CNP we must act in the ordinances of an elite class, for we are founding members of a superior political system which deserves proper representation.

4# To follow the code of Nationalism is a way of life and therefore we are to always act as an elite class to the best of our capabilities.

5# We have a responsibility of being loyal and devoted to the consciousness of this Nation and will strive to have a connection to it by becoming active members within our communities.

6# We are defenders of our language and are to master its proper use and avoid urban colloquialisms whenever possible.

7# We are organized by rank and file. Each member is to have their role in the party as a hand or foot performs particular functions of the body whole.

8# To conceal your identity by wearing a mask at all public events, within the CNP and otherwise, is an act of cowardice and unbecoming of a Nationalist. 

9# An unjustified attack against a member of the CNP is an attack against the party and all members that represent it.

10# To live in a constant state of victimhood is a choice and our personal testimonies must be for the purpose of helping those around us to escape it.

11# Objective reasoning is our compass and wisdom is its reward.

12# Self actualization is the ultimate goal for both the CNP and all of its members.