Party Donation


Donation Level Amount Tax Credit
Bronze $400 $300 (75%)
Silver $750 $475 (63%)
Gold $1,575 $650 (41%)

All donors receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Canadian Nationalist Party. Donations received before December 31st are eligible for tax credits in the new year up to a total tax credit of $650. As of January 1, 2018, the maximum allowable contribution to a registered political party is $1,575 annually, both nationally and at the riding level, for a total maximum contribution of $3,150.

Party donation allows us to grow our movement and share our message. Your donation is private by default. Upon request, you gain a spot to have your name or company displayed on our website and all corresponding branding material.
Methods of payment:

  • credit card
  • bitcoin (1H8JKUbLUdivwtAAgWhyctphdLiM3MxiZY)
  • bank transfer
  • cheque or money order

In order to make a donation, you may either complete the payment online or mail a cheque or money order to our mailing address:

1 Yonge Street,
Suite 1801
Toronto, ON
M5E 1W7

Donations are tax deductible upon party registration with Elections Canada. For more information: Elections Canada | Political Financing

If you have any further questions about donating, please contact us by calling +1 (888) 505 – 9956. We will return your call within 24 hours.


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