21 Point Program

On the basis of self-determination …

  1. Governance – Separate from the Commonwealth and appoint our domestic head of state based on a constitutional monarchy.
  2. Banking – Restore the Bank of Canada Act of 1938, allowing the Bank of Canada to issue no-interest loans to public institutions. The practice of usury must be outlawed in favour of a sovereign credit monetary policy and full-employment public-works program.
  3. Income Tax – Abolish the income tax for single individuals earning less than $25,000 or those married and jointly earning less than $50,000.
  4. Small Business Tax – Lower the small business tax to 8%, encouraging entrepreneurship and new job creation.
  5. Economy – Establish economic autarky, allowing domestic self-sufficiency while remaining open to pursue major international trade. Subsidize and protect (through the use of tariffs) key industries that are unique to Canada’s natural resources. No business may be owned in majority by a non-citizen.
  6. Immigration – Reinstate the Immigration Act of 1952, reduce annual immigration to a rate of 20,000 – 100,000 newcomers per year, and reform our current immigration system. We must declare the entire US/Canada border an official point of entry and deport illegal immigrants.
  7. Citizenship – Prohibit public officials from holding dual-citizenship. Reduce the number of countries Canada recognizes dual-citizenship with. Require new citizens to pass an examination demonstrating their understanding of Canadian history, language, and government.
  8. Islam – Recognize that Islamic Sharia is not compatible with Western Democracy. Ban the burqa when interacting within the public sector.
  9. Demographics – In 1971, 97% of Canada’s population was of European-descent. In 2018, this number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we demand this demographic change (an agenda put forth by Pierre Trudeau and accelerated by Justin Trudeau) be discontinued immediately. Newlywed couples be eligible for a marriage loan, 20% of which is forgiven with each common child. Couples must have been married within the last 5 years with both partners being born on the land.
  10. Housing – Introduce a foreign property tax on residential property owned by a non-citizen or dual-citizen.
  11. Carbon Tax – Abolish the federal carbon tax.
  12. Abortion – Permit an abortion only in the scenario where the mother’s health is in jeopardy.
  13. Education – Introduce a federal education program emphasizing topics on Canadian history, government, and athletics. Provide subsidized post-secondary tuition rates.
  14. Law & Order – Uphold the right to self-defense by introducing Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws. Reinstate capital punishment for the crimes of treason, terrorism, espionage. Permit judicial trials to be conducted anytime over the 24 hours of a day in order to process cases more efficiently.
  15. Oil & Gas – Create a state-managed investment trust comprising of Canada’s oil and natural resources in order to finance public services.
  16. Military – Increase military funding to +3% GDP. Establish a guaranteed veteran’s pension program. Create a national citizens militia for the purposes of defending Canadian sovereignty + securing our borders. Reform voter eligibility to require 1 year of military or civil service.
  17. Indian Affairs – Amend the Indian Act to allow Aboriginal ownership of reserve land held in federal trusts of the British Crown. Those of Aboriginal descent will own their property and be allowed to abdicate from the British Crown in favour of self-government.
  18. Equalization Payments – Restructure inter-provincial equalization payments. The current equalization formula is unfair for Western Canada & Ontario. Since 1957, Quebec has received $250+ billion in equalization payments. These payments must be diverted to a state-managed oil/natural resource trust which is used to fund public services such as healthcare, academia, and military.
  19. Foreign Relations – Withdraw from the United Nations Global Compact for Migration.
  20. Homosexuality – Discontinue public funding of pride parades.

Parliamentary Reform

  • We seek to prorogue Parliament while granting full authority to the head of government to resume parliamentary proceedings.
  • We seek to grant the Prime Minister the right to appoint and disappoint candidates for the Queen’s Privy Council and the Privy Council Office, giving the Canadian population greater control over executive levels of government.

Lean Government Policy

  • We seek to reduce the size of and reform the Senate, which currently costs ~$105 million per year.
  • We seek to reduce the size of and reform the House of Commons which costs ~$420 million per year.
  • We seek to reform or relinquish the position of Governor General, to whom we pay ~$270,000 per year and who has an operating cost of ~$34 million.
  • We seek to reform or relinquish the position of Lieutenant Governor, to whom we pay $130,000 per year and who have an operating cost of $1.5 million each.

Patriation Policy

  • We seek to separate from the Commonwealth and establish our own domestic head of state based on a constitutional monarchy.
  • We seek to amend, reform, and revise the constitution in such a way that it is consistent with the platform we have outlined.
  • We seek to establish a Department of National Integrity to prevent the rise of radical views that are opposed to the traditions of our great nation.

National Education Plan

  • Amend the Constitution Act of 1867 in order to propose a new act that would establish a mandatory national curriculum based in European and Christian values.
  • Establish a primary school curriculum that would place an emphasis on the humanities (language, logic, and ethics) with a later leaning towards mathematics, science, and literary studies.
  • Reforming the secondary and post secondary system in such a way that specialization emphasized and encouraged.

National Economic Plan

  • Restore the Bank of Canada to its purpose as outlined in the Bank Act of 1938.
  • Review and potentially repudiate debt incurred by our public institutions.
  • Revise the Investment Canada Act so that foreign investment is prohibited in Class A Banks.
  • Withdraw ourselves from organizations such as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  • Increase the reserve ratio of our banking sector from 0%.
  • Establish state-owned trusts or funds (GLCs) in major sectors of the economy under a policy of corporatization.
  • Subsidize and protect (through the use of tariffs) key industries that are unique to Canada’s natural resources.
  • Repeal the Canadian Competition Act to allow for cost-effective mergers to take place.
  • Repeal Bill C-69 and C-48 which target Canada’s energy sector.
  • Establish a national labour force to deal with unemployment, develop infrastructure, and develop our industries.
  • Establish a wealth distribution policy that either results in increased welfare or pensions or the establishment of a national/citizens dividend.


  • Withdraw from the 1969 Convention relating to the status of refugees.
  • Revise if not repeal legislation such as the Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Return to the Immigration Act of 1952.
  • Repeal the Multiculturalism Act of 1988, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), the Employment Equity Act, Bill 69, and revoke Motion-103 Anti-Islamaphobia.