Between: Canadian Nationalist Party Inc. (plaintiff) & English Crown (defendant)
Proceeding Court: Canadian Nationalist Party Common Law Tribunal
Location: Redvers, Saskatchewan
File Number: CNPCLT13744

Court Proceedings:

  1. Notice Of Claim Of Right: Common Law Tribunal – April 28th, 2020
  2. Statement Of Claim & Sworn Affidavit – September 27th, 2020
  3. Notice To Appear: Defendant – October 10th, 2020
  4. Patron Testifies Against Crown: CNP v. R. – October 24th, 2020
  5. Motion For Summary Judgement – November 21st, 2020
  6. Motion To Assume Independent Jurisdiction – December 1st, 2020

Case Information:

Applicable Legislation:

The Canadian Nationalist Party is stating a claim against Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, service to Governor General Julie Payette, alleging that The Crown has breached their contractual obligations as agreed upon in the Magna Carta of 1215.

The Magna Carta was successfully invoked in accordance with Clause 61 on March 23rd, 2001, and guarantees “freedom of the Church’s elections”, and further, that the “English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired”.

In the Statement Of Claim, the Canadian Nationalist Party alleges that The Crown, with Queen Elizabeth II as reigning monarch, has failed to act as a “defender of the faith” having failed to uphold the principle of freedom of religion and guarantee the freedom of the Church’s elections.

Court proceedings come through a Common Law Tribunal formed on April 28th, 2020 by public declaration served to the municipality of Redvers, district of Souris – Moose Mountain, Province Of Saskatchewan, and Dominion Of Canada. The Notice Of Claim Of Right included no less than twelve (12) citizens of the realm as signatories supporting the formation of the tribunal.

As remedy toward this infringement, the plaintiff is seeking independance of jurisdiction so that they may continue to exercise their self-determination and religious freedom.

Remedy Sought:

  • Jurisdiction independent of the defendant granted to the plaintiff.