If the Canadian Government prohibits a federal political party from exercising their ability to assemble and speak then it only follows that that federal party prohibit the Canadian Government from speaking on its behalf.

We as nationalists are well aware of our constitutional rights and we are well aware that they have been consistently violated since the inception of our party in 2017. The political establishment in Canada is a post-national dictatorship strictly opposed to any rising movement emphasizing national sovereignty and identity. This establishment would like Canadians to believe voters are simply not choosing our offering, yet simultaneously devote millions of taxpayer dollars to suppress our party and sabotage our registration efforts.

The Canadian Government has already demonstrated that it does not represent us.

Where was the coverage of our party from the state-funded media broadcaster leading up to and during the election? When we sat down with them for a 20 minute interview they conveniently edited everything out save for a 3 second excerpt they used to create a narrative about how we were worried about our membership elector information being made public. Two weeks later we made the information public ourselves!

For years this government and its growing media industrial complex has worked to censor our voices, and to that we say, if you prohibit us from speaking for ourselves do not claim to speak on our behalf!