The Canadian Nationalist Party will ensure that those who are injured in the line of duty are provided with the assistance they need.


Feb 2018

Now Or Never

Our future generations are calling out to us from beyond the pale.

Why are these organizations refusing a booking request for the nationalist cause in Canada when our laws mandate spaces for open dialogue when they are funded with taxpayer money?

We are a unique people, with a unique culture, a unique history, and have unique interests.

The sacrifice we make for the greater good of our people is the essence of what it means to be Canadian.

We're putting a call out for those interested in running as candidates for Members of Parliament.

We're inviting you to a private event where our party will present and take questions.

The beauty of our people is displayed in the architecture of our environment.

As a federal political party, if Facebook continues to suppress our ability to communicate using their platform, they can expect to face prosecution.

Greetings to our French brothers and sisters.