On Wednesday morning, our party leader Travis Patron had a chance to sit down with CBC Saskatchewan to conduct an interview on the nationalist movement in Canada.

No pain is greater than seeing my beloved country be destroyed by these evil forces who've infiltrated Ottawa.

The Canadian Nationalist Party will be hosting events across Western Canada in a bid to share our message and grow the nationalist movement in Canada.

On Friday, June 29th the Canadian Nationalist Party was denied a permit to demonstrate on public property by the City of Saskatoon.

The party has until July 20th, 2018 to submit new declarations of members in order to meet the requirements of the Canada Elections Act.

The Canadian Nationalist Party supports conducting an independent investigation into the escalating violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip. In addition, our constituency also supports removing Canada from the UN Refugee Program due to the clear lack of communication of consenting parties and benefit the agreement delivers to Canada.

On May 1st, 2018, the Canadian Nationalist Party received an Acknowledgement Letter that our application to register a new federal political party was received by Elections Canada and is currently being reviewed by the Chief Electoral Officer.


Apr 2018

Ban The Burqa

It's important for public safety and identification to keep the face uncovered when rendering civil services.

Excessive immigration levels are a threat to Canadian identity.

The Canadian Nationalist Party will ensure that those who are injured in the line of duty are provided with the assistance they need.