Jun 2020

Keep Hope Alive!

A Letter From Our Leader:

Other than the National Citizens Alliance, the Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) is the only federally registered party headquartered in all of Western Canada. Even though not everyone may agree with us, this is a platform we can use to our advantage if we are smart about it, keep an open channel of dialogue, and are willing to work for success.

Today we are making an appeal to the community for the benefit of the doubt (when there is a known unknown, assume honesty) in the belief that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Canadian Nationalist Party is our best outlet for federal representation.

Given that the Liberal Government recently bypassed parliamentary proceedings entirely to call for the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding Canadians, it may be wise to assume there will not be another general election in Canada. There may not be another opportunity to register new federal parties with Elections Canada, as it requires nominating candidates in a general or by-election.

Recall how the entire province of Saskatchewan voted in one particular direction (Conservative) during the recent 43rd Federal Election and basically nothing whatsoever has changed. This is because the Conservative Party is impotent when it comes to implementing the change our country needs.

We must do everything in our power to ensure the CNP remains in good standing with the community, otherwise we will diminish our ability to advocate for ourselves. We are a party who has the nationhood of our country at heart. We understand that our challenge is an uphill one. However, no longer can we allow ourselves to be intimidated into thinking that advocating our ethnic interests is immoral or wrong – it is not, but rather, entirely normal and natural. If we fail, the sovereignty of Canada will be overtaken by an unaccountable, unelected, globalist form of government where citizens are under constant surveillance and the State does not recognize individual freedoms or constitutional rights we often take for granted. Our country will continue to move in a direction which is similar to current-day China (communism).

We must oppose this! Doing nothing is a choice!

We ask those curious about our party to always go directly to our website (type ‘www.nationalist.ca’ into your web browser) in order to conduct research, not through social media, a search engine, or privately-owned media company. The mainstream media in Canada has moved entirely away from impartial coverage and toward a completely one-sided narrative of public affairs. This is not journalism. It is propaganda.

Currently, the leadership of the Canadian Nationalist Party is facing accusations stemming from the Provincial Court Of Saskatchewan. Quite likely, the only way we will succeed is with support from the community. Therefore, we are asking for the benefit of the doubt with the assurance that the party proceed with honesty, integrity, and in good faith.


Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.