The Canadian Nationalist Party is submitting a formal complaint to the office of the CBC Ombudsman alleging a violation of their stated mandate of Journalistic Standards and Practices – code of ethics and practice.

CBC Ombudsman
P.O. Box 500 Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6
Phone: 416-205-2978

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.

COMPLAINT To The Office Of The CBC Ombudsman:

Office of the Ombudsman,

We are writing you today to file a formal complaint on the grounds that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is failing to uphold its journalistic mandate of providing “fairness, balance, impartiality and integrity” in its coverage of matters of public interest. Further to the mandate, CBC is failing to “inform, to reveal, to contribute to the understanding” of Canadian citizens to “participate in our free and democratic society”. The mandate additionally states that CBC is basing their credibility on “fulfilling that mission through adherence to the values, principles and practices laid out in the Journalistic Standards and Practices“. Let this complaint be considered an expression of dissatisfaction with CBC’s impartiality, fairness, and integrity as it relates to program management and investigative reporting affecting our democratic proceedings.

In February of this year we submitted a report entitled ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes‘ through your SecureDrop web portal and have yet to receive any response whatsoever. This report detailed information about how the constitutional rights of our federal political party were violated in order to suppress our ability to compete in the recent 43rd Federal Election.

Without a single exception, our federally-sanctioned party has been prohibited from obtaining a public permit or from hosting a public event at institutions which our tax dollars fund. These requests to utilize public resources and exercise our constitutional rights has been violated consistently and without reason, including after the drop of the writ during the 43rd Federal Election as we were actively nominating candidates. This exclusion of our political party from public spaces and publicly-funded venues has directly affected our ability to both nominate candidates and inform the voters of our policies.

After we filed a complaint alleging our rights under the Canada Elections Act and Charter Of Rights And Freedoms have been infringed and our ability to communicate policies and nominate candidates has been violated during the recent 43rd Federal Election, the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections opened a formal review.

Office of the Ombudsman, I invite you to read our initial request to be permitted to “host a public event to communicate our party policies to Canadian voters for the upcoming 43rd Federal Election” followed by the response from the City Of Saskatoon:

Read the initial request: Canadian Nationalist Party Request – September 24th
Read the response: City Of Saskatoon Response – September 27th

It is important to note that the City Of Saskatoon has denied a similar request from our organization on 3 separate occasions.

Also in February of this year, the Canadian Nationalist Party filed a civil lawsuit against the City Of Saskatoon alleging a violation of constitutional rights on these exact grounds. Despite objecting to the Government Of Saskatchewan’s declaration of emergency, we have been informed our application is not proceeding through the courts until the declaration has been lifted.

The CBC’s coverage of our movement thus far does not give the impression of impartiality whatsoever, but rather dedicated to compiling negatively-oriented information about our political party in an attempt to discredit us:

  1. The Canadian Nationalist Party is trying to win Canada’s vote – June, 2019
  2. RCMP launch hate crime probe of leader of nationalist group vying for party status in federal election – June 28th, 2019
  3. RCMP going after Canadian Nationalist Party for intellectual property violation – July 5th, 2019
  4. Canadian Nationalist Party concerned about release of members’ identities – August, 2019
  5. Far-right group accused of white nationalism closer to party status — and increased scrutiny – August 29th, 2019
  6. You’ve heard of the ‘big 6’ political parties, but what about the ‘fringe 15’ – October 19, 2019
  7. Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron charged after 2 women attacked in Regina – November 13th, 2019

If the CBC is willing to publish a story as frivolous and speculative as alleging an intellectual property violation, surely a story regarding that same federal party not being permitted to assemble and communicate policies to voters after the drop of the writ is something worth covering.

The recent 43rd Federal Election has fundamentally demonstrated that our right to self-determination, as Canadian Nationalists, is being suppressed by the current administration. Under these circumstances, our ability to assemble publicly and speak our policies to Canadian voters has, and continues to be, denied to us.

Office of the Ombudsman, may I remind you that CBC is a publicly-funded media broadcaster, and that Canadian taxpayers expect your organization to cover issues of public interest and importance – especially as it pertains to the electoral and democratic proceedings of our government administration.

Given that during our most recent exchange, you stated that your office is one “built on the value of transparency”, we assume you will have no objection to us publicizing this complaint.

To ignore such a blatant violation of our democratic proceedings and constitutional rights as Canadians represents a willful abandonment of the journalistic code of ethics and practice.


Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.