*Update: Party Leader Travis Patron has submitted this petition to the local municipality. You can read about it here: Patron Submits Petition To Redvers Town Council

The Canadian Nationalist Party is forming a petition to discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality within the municipality of Redvers and the larger federal jurisdiction.

We are forming this petition in the belief that this type of development (the utilization of public utilities/finances to promote homosexuality) may not be in the best interests of our community and are concerned that the Town Of Redvers’ decision to approve a LGBTQ2+ crosswalk will further inflame an already contentious issue.

  • Homosexuality is counter intuitive to the inspired Word of Christian religious scripture. The Bible clearly tells us that same-sex relations are a sinful behavior (Leviticus 18:22). Instead, we of the Christian faith should (with patience and love) counsel those of alternative sexual identities and help those of same-sex relations reclaim their heterosexuality. We do these things because we genuinely believe, in the long-term, these people will live healthier and more fulfilled lives when they respect our God-given natural laws of biology and procreation.
  • Homosexuality is counter intuitive to the national continuity of our country. In 1971, Canada’s population was 96.3% European-descent. Today, that number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we must promote heterosexuality at the expense of homosexuality. We cannot expect to have future generations if we publicly endorse same-sex couples, as they are biologically incapable of having children.
  • The decision to place this crosswalk immediately adjacent to the Redvers High School demonstrates intention to target our children and youthful generations. Studies have shown that those who identify as LGBTQ2+ have statistically significant higher rates of suicide, drug use, and depression. Normalizing this narrative amongst children is dangerous and we as a community must take the steps necessary to protect them from it. This type of political agenda is entirely unacceptable in a community that values social cohesion, strong family units, and the continuity of our nation. No government (whether municipal, provincial, or federal) should ever utilize public taxpayer resources to promote homosexuality/transgenderism.

If you are someone who supports discontinuing the public promotion of homosexuality within our community, we encourage you to add your signature to this petition. Please call +1(306) 700-2193 to add your signature.

In September of 2019, Party Leader Travis Patron submitted a Letter of Complaint to the Town Council Of Redvers in response to recent approval to use public utilities to promote homosexuality.

NOTE: At this time, the Canadian Nationalist Party will only be accepting signatures from residents of the municipality of Redvers in regard to the proceeds of this petition.

Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party | +1(306) 700-2193 | www.nationalist.ca