Unless the Israel Defense Force can acknowledge and apologize for their lethal actions against our servicemen, Canadians must rethink their relationship with Israel and make no special concessions to accommodate political Zionism.

Liberal & Conservative Party Share Common Ownership

Canadian Nationalist Party leader Travis Patron explains why the Liberal Party & Conservative Party of Canada are owned and operated by the same people.It's time to VOTE NATIONALIST INSTEAD OF CONSERVATIVE.We believe a significant portion of voters will be swayed by our electoral promises to:1. Reinstate the Immigration Act of 1952, deport illegal migrants, reduce annual immigration rate to 20,000 – 100,000 annually, withdraw from the United Nations Compact On Migration.2. Create a publicly managed Oil & Gas Investment Trust modeled off the Norwegian Pension Fund.3. Discontinue public funding of gay pride parades, remove homosexuality/transgenderism from the academic curriculum.4. Prohibit public officials from holding dual-citizenship.5. Abolish the federal carbon tax.6. Restructure/abolish inter-provincial equalization payments to make it fair for Western Canada & Ontario.7. Abolish the income tax for unmarried citizens earning less than $35,000/year and those married and jointly earning less than $70,000/year.8. Restore the Bank of Canada Act of 1938, allowing the Bank of Canada to issue no-interest loans to public institutions.9. Separate from the Commonwealth and appoint a domestic head of state based on a constitutional monarchy.These are only a few of our many election policies. Learn more about our party: www.nationalist.ca

Posted by Canadian Nationalist Party on Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Liberal Party & Conservative Party of Canada are owned and operated by the same people.

Let it be assured: the town of Redvers is supporting the Canadian Nationalist Party, as is the district of Souris - Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan, and the federal constituency simultaneously.

Happy Dominion Day Canada! It was on this day in 1879 that Canada began celebrating with a holiday commemorating its formation as a dominion on July 1st, 1867. We are wishing everyone an exciting and safe holiday weekend.

The CNP is looking forward to a year of success in 2019. The past year saw us emerge as a new party within Canadian politics and one which is well poised to capture the attention of Canadians as the winds of nationalism continue to blow stronger throughout the Western World.

At various periods in the timeline of a nation, sacrifice must be made by those who believe in its founding. Without this investment of spirit on behalf of the folk of the nation, the body politic itself will wither and die.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is in the process of registering as a federal political party with Elections Canada. In order to do so, the party must have at least 250 confirmed members. In this post, we will show how you can help register the CNP.

The only political ideology capable of uniting people around a common identity, and creating a state that will deliver to them a form of government for centuries to come, is that of nationalism.

Long live the Canadian nationalist movement and long live our people!

The spirit of Canadianism has been residing in a political coma, and it is time to awaken.