At various periods in the timeline of a nation, sacrifice must be made by those who believe in its founding. Without this investment of spirit on behalf of the folk of the nation, the body politic itself will wither and die.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is in the process of registering as a federal political party with Elections Canada. In order to do so, the party must have at least 250 confirmed members. In this post, we will show how you can help register the CNP.

For the sake of the well-being of Canadians, globalist, special interest groups must be removed from our government and our country entirely.

The only political ideology capable of uniting people around a common identity, and creating a state that will deliver to them a form of government for centuries to come, is that of nationalism.

Long live the Canadian nationalist movement and long live our people!

CBC Interview With Travis Patron of the Canadian Nationalist Party

I recently sat down with CBC to discuss the Canadian Nationalist Party and our campaign for the upcoming 43rd Federal Election. You can watch the interview here. #CanadaFirst

Posted by Trav Patron on Thursday, December 6, 2018

On Wednesday morning, our party leader Travis Patron had a chance to sit down with CBC Saskatchewan to conduct an interview on the nationalist movement in Canada.


Feb 2018

Now Or Never

Our future generations are calling out to us from beyond the pale.

The sacrifice we make for the greater good of our people is the essence of what it means to be Canadian.