Peace be with the people of Canada in these uncertain times and a blessing on the families of this great nation.

The CNP believes freedom of expression is fundamental in a well-functioning society and promises to fight for this charter right on behalf of Canadians.

The Canadian Nationalist Party stands for the national sovereignty of our Confederacy and Monarchy. We have no obligation to accommodate expansionist interests of foreign governments. For us, Canada comes FIRST!


Oct 2019

Onward CNP!

The CNP is putting patriots back in parliament.

CNP will make it illegal to conceal identity when attending a public protest. Failure to do so will be considered a criminal act.

The mainstream media in this country cares nothing for the truth, only for advancing their agenda.

Canada is undergoing a globalist takeover and it is not to the benefit of its citizens.

Unless the Israel Defense Force can acknowledge and apologize for their lethal actions against our servicemen, Canadians must rethink their relationship with Israel and make no special concessions to accommodate political Zionism.

The Liberal Party & Conservative Party of Canada are owned and operated by the same people.

Let it be assured: the town of Redvers is supporting the Canadian Nationalist Party, as is the district of Souris - Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan, and the federal constituency simultaneously.