Jul 2020

All Lives Matter

Almost no one is disputing the idea that African-descended lives have value. Yet, the mainstream media continues to prop up the “Black Lives Matter” movement in an effort to aggravate racial relations in Western Countries, stoke the flames of division, and bring ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

Although one could make the argument there is a problem with police brutality in the United States, this political movement has been accompanied by vandalism of property, trespassing, looting of storefront merchandise, and acts of extreme violence. None of these things help the cause.

Protestors in Canada have been also been charged for defacing statues amid calls to defund policing.

“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” – Proverbs 22:28

At times, it seems there is no clear demand other than diminishing the rule of law & order. This is a development that has spilled over into Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

In early June, our infamous Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, decided to directly support this movement by circumventing COVID-19 restrictions and taking a knee on Parliament Hill as a display of support. It seems our so-called “social distancing” regulations do not apply when acts of political correctness and virtue signalling are available. Canada’s alarming lack of leadership (within both the Liberal and Conservative Party) should be something of concern for every citizen.

Canada does not have the same problems as the United States. We should not allow ourselves to be swept into a frenzy by the Globalist media propaganda machine, who desire to pit every person of different background against one another.

Only this month, a 24 year-old Caucasian women was shot and killed in Indianapolis for allegedly claiming that “All Lives Matter”. She leaves behind her 3-year old son. The fact that such a terrible tragedy remains almost entirely unreported demonstrates whose side the mainstream media is on (hint: not ours).

We should not be giving a movement that has been marred by vandalism and violence room to operate in our communities. You can guarantee these people will continue to cry “racism” until those of European-descent are a tiny minority in a country their ancestors built. To concede and appease in this situation is something which would be a terrible mistake.

Instead, we should send the message that violent protests should not be accommodated and that ALL LIVES MATTER.

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