The Canadian Nationalist Party is today making a statement on our deprivation of self-determination under the current government administration in Canada. We are doing this because we believe Canadians have a right to know how their freedoms are being systematically eroded, how many of our federal institutions are no longer operating in good faith, and how many of our elected officials are complicit in all of this. Our experience over the last 3 years leading up to and during the recent 43rd Federal Election has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that we are currently subjected to a government who levies taxation on the population while simultaneously denying them any meaningful representation.

Over the last 3 years, our political constituency has demonstrated that the Government Of Canada is not a democracy. Under this false pretense, we do not have a vote and are being taxed without representation in our government. Under these current circumstances it is essentially impossible to elect a representative from our constituency on the ground that we are not permitted to host a public event in order to promote our policies and compete in the existing democratic system.

Put simply: because of our political beliefs (that Canada is a unique nation who deserves to uphold their sovereignty), we have been excluded from meaningful democratic representation. This treatment is unlawful, unjust, and thoroughly unconstitutional.

Since our campaign began in 2017, our organization has requested from publicly funded institutions such as City Halls, Libraries, University Campuses, and Convention Centers an opportunity to host an event. Despite making our intentions public to “be on the ballet” for the 43rd Federal Election as early as August 2017, without a single exception, we have not been permitted to host a public event. Many of our booking requests have been outright rejected or cancelled for no reason whatsoever. This exclusion of the public commons has continued after we gained official status with Elections Canada and after the drop of the writ on September 11th, 2019.

The recent 43rd Federal Election has fundamentally demonstrated that our right to self-determination, as Canadian Nationalists, is being suppressed by the current administration. Under these circumstances, our ability to assemble publicly and speak our policies to Canadian voters has, and continues to be, denied to us. Despite violating no hate speech legislation and enduring a ridiculous campaign to sabotage our registration efforts, our so-called “guaranteed” rights and freedoms are unavailable to us.

This violation of our constitutional rights includes institutions which are financed by us (the public taxpayer), yet are prohibited to us for reasons never justified. If we choose not to abide by these tax laws, we are liable to be criminally charged and incarcerated (as our supporters have been). We have supporters within our party who have spent time in prison for not paying their “fair share” of taxes, yet the government itself prohibits us from using the institutions these taxes finance to advocate for ourselves. As our reputation is defamed and our freedom is taken from us, this government administration does not even permit us to speak in our own defence.

After we aired these grievances with the necessary federal agencies, it has been alleged that no violation of our electoral procedures has occurred and no explanation has been given.

The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections had previously opened a formal review of a complaint filed by the Canadian Nationalist Party which claimed our rights under the Canada Elections Act and Charter Of Rights And Freedoms have been infringed and our ability to communicate policies and nominate candidates has been violated during the recent 43rd Federal Election.

Read the initial request: Canadian Nationalist Party Request – September 24th
Read the response: City Of Saskatoon Response – September 27th

This violation is only the most pronounced and fundamental example that Canada’s democratic institutions are illegitimate.

It would appear that the establishment authority in this country is not interested in diplomacy or negotiation of any sort – and they are willing to violate our constitutional “guarantees” to ensure no such luxury is made available to us.

What exactly are public servants upholding in their continued support of this administration? What exactly motivates them through their daily duties? At this point, it is clearly not a sense of honour or integrity.

We have a government which claims to be a democratic state yet all evidence points to the contrary – where is the integrity in supporting such an administration?

Here is the lie: Canada is a democratic and free country.

Here is the truth: Canada is a corporate construct whose leaders have been bought and paid for in order to uphold an illusion of democracy.

No amount of media disinformation or censorship can hide this truth. We will distrain and distress the system until redress is obtained.

There may come a day in the near future when all things without integrity are swept away into the dustbin of history, and every public servant who continued to support this current administration after these claims were made public will be asked:

“Why did you continue supporting a government who was not what it claimed to be?”

Appealing to authority will not be considered a lawful excuse.