Sooner or later reality always catches up with economic contraction. No amount of “stimulus” cheques can replace millions of workers who are now unemployed. This continued effort to freely provide citizens with disposable income will dramatically increase the cost of living because we now have a bloated monetary stock chasing the same (or fewer) goods and services available in the economy.

Instead, what we need to do is aggressively lift restrictions and get people back to work. This won’t happen however, because the effort to contract our economy is deliberately orchestrated by a globalist political class who seek to bring ORDER OUT OF CHAOS with their world government solution complete with total cashlessness and the non-negotiable surveillance apparatus.

Those who accept will be sacrificing freedom for security and those who refuse will be considered criminals and outlaws.

Most people will see a dramatic decline in their standard of living as radical environmentalism supplants human economic productivity as the centrepiece of our political ethos. When people realize many of the things they have been promised throughout their lives (home ownership, fulfilling career, safe neighborhood) are now out of reach, they will act accordingly, and the mask of civilized society will slip. Western Nations are now in this transition period which will be tumultuous for most as the middle-class will be effectively wiped out.

As it currently remains, we are in the calm before the storm, the awkward lull before the bill comes due. Unfortunately, we have neither the means nor willingness to pay our existing obligations. At this point, defaulting on our debt obligations is essentially a mathematical certainty. It WILL happen, and when it does, our unaccountable political class will trade hard assets (such as land) to offset this debt with the likes of the United Nations and International Monetary Fund (IMF). This exchange will help formulate the world government these elites have been planning behind the scenes for decades.

The time to prepare is now. Our financial system is having the rug pulled out from underneath it. Those who continue to rely on the existing infrastructure for support will be worse off.