The Canadian Nationalist Party – Declaration Of Independence has been cryptographically timestamped by the bitcoin network as a proof of existence, authenticity, and origin.

Timestamping of legal documents allows public verification which is permanently recorded on the bitcoin network. After the network has confirmed the associated transaction using a SHA256 hash, malicious amendment of the document is computationally impractical.

Download: Timestamp Certificate

Network Confirmation Time: 2020-02-29 at 21:27:36 (UTC)
SHA256 Hash: 0b6ad36020490eb5c23239772f1606fbc4ae69dca6eb86251d22fa9ffb58c63e
Block Number: 619572 / BlockHash:0000000000000000000da0afae5bbc93193485da75881650263c11a8efed224e
Transaction ID: 6896f96c9d9028e219de4868f61b45e4067dd40cea5afe683e7bf05069e7911e

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