The recent 43rd Federal Election has demonstrated that the democratic channel has been made unavailable to the Canadian Nationalist Party. It has also demonstrated that for our constituency there is no self-determination available under the current government administration.

The most fundamental aspect of our democratic rights is violated when a federally-sanctioned political party is not permitted to peacefully assemble and freely express its policies to the voting public during an active election. This is a most obvious indication that our government is failing to host ‘free and fair’ elections. This is not how an election is to be conducted and we demand accountability from this government authority.

This violation is only the most pronounced and fundamental example that Canada’s democratic institutions are illegitimate. For a full disclosure of our denial of service, read our statement The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

The writ was dropped on September 11th, 2019 for the 43rd Federal Election. On September 24th, the Canadian Nationalist Party requested from the City Of Saskatoon a permit to assemble at Civic Square. This request was denied for allegations that our organization was ‘denominational’ in nature. This denial of service came during an active election, when our political party was seeking to inform voters and nominate candidates for the upcoming election (election day was held October 21st).

The City Of Saskatoon describes Civic Square as “an area available to the public to gather in a peaceful and respectful manner”. Despite not violating any hate speech legislation nor inciting violence at public gatherings, our request to use this space during an election to communicate our policies and nominate candidates was denied.

Read the initial request: Canadian Nationalist Party Request – September 24th
Read the response: City Of Saskatoon Response – September 27th

The Canadian Nationalist Party has also filed a civil lawsuit against the City Of Saskatoon for violating their constitutional rights.

Since this transgression of our democracy has come to light, Elections Canada has launched an investigation into the matter.

The public must be notified in a timely manner that there has been a violation of the Canada Elections Act.