The Canadian Nationalist Party recently put up billboards in the Saskatchewan district of Souris – Moose Mountain as a parody to another political party’s billboards (paid for by a third party) which were taken down after voicing opposition to ‘mass immigration’. The billboards in question have been authorized by our chief agent ‘Canadian Nationalist Party’ for the candidacy of Travis Patron, current party leader.

The CNP believes freedom of expression is fundamental in a well-functioning society and promises to fight for this charter right on behalf of Canadians.

We cannot allow ourselves to be silenced by a political climate of censorship and intimidation. Already, our campaign has seen a number of attempts to both derail our registration efforts as well as prohibit us from accessing publicly funded venues. These channels must be made available to Canadian citizens in order to preserve our democratic channel. Without freedom of expression, the marketplace of ideas is inaccessible, and therefore, the ability to form consensus on what Canada represents as a society and country, is not possible.

If you are someone who wishes to see your ability to express yourself defended by government, we ask you to support the CNP this election!