Feb 2018

Now Or Never

I started this political party in the first half of 2017 because I was no longer confident with the existing political options. None of these political options resonate with me and I believe they fail to resonate with the majority of Canadians.

When I first began this campaign, I did so because Canada is one of the only countries in the world which does not have a truly nationalist political party. Canadian citizens who subscribe to nationalistic beliefs (that Canadians are a unique people with a unique culture) have not until this point had a political party which they can cast a vote for come election time.

Here was clearly an unmet need. And so I began crafting our message to Canadians – that Canada must come first. Not just in economic or social policy, but in the very way we view our country – as a distinct nation of people.

I was prepared to meet opposition. No political movement has taken power by simply asking politely. However, what I was not prepared for was the institutionalized opposition we have thus far faced. While the average Canadian tunes in for Hockey Night In Canada, our enemies have been working diligently and quietly. They have put themselves in positions that undermine our ability to exercise our political freedoms.

What I have experienced is a clear demonstration that our political rights are being threatened in this country. Our freedom of expression and public assembly are being taken from us. Publicly funded university campuses, convention centers, and even City Halls have denied our requests to host an event.  There are cities in this country which will not even grant us a permit to hold a public demonstration. All of this despite the fact that we have not said a hateful word, caused no violence, and broken no laws.

This in itself is not the travesty, but rather the fact that these same university campuses and public institutions gladly provide space to communist groups. It seems our universities, those which are funded by the taxpayer, have become breeding grounds for a communist movement in Canada.

Not only in our academic spaces, but in the very fabric of our society, communism is being tolerated and promoted. It has already deeply affected the structure of our families, our schools, and our government. If our government truly had the interests of the Canadian people in mind, there would be a restriction on the activities of these groups.

While the rest of the Western World has made shifts toward reclaiming the sovereignty of their country, Canada seems to believe it is creating some sort of post-national utopia. It does this with a false sense of superiority. No precise blueprint is given for this post-national state and no example from history is used to justify its agenda.

Everything unnatural is promoted and everything decent and wholesome is demonized. No man or woman of good instincts believes this is what progress looks like.

The naive liberal voters seem to believe that a great country can be built by simply tolerating everything, and that our goodwill and altruism will be payed back to us at some undisclosed point in the future.

Unfortunately, our current Prime Minister and his administration are turning Canada into something which we never asked for, never voted for, and were never consulted on. As we tell our veterans that they are simply “asking too much” we give millions upon millions of our tax dollars to countries which care nothing of Canada.

Everything, it seems, in Canada is acceptable as long as it is not the taxpaying citizen speaking out in opposition. When the brave few decide to stick their head out and voice their dissatisfaction with the current political direction, they are attacked. The media propaganda machine is engaged and attempts a character assassination for the individuals who dare defy the status quo. Most Canadians do not want their employment jeopardized, and thus remain silent.

Encouragement lies in the hope that Canadians will realize (and they must do so quickly) that trusting the authority of government to look after you, your family, and your future is not always the best decision.

The time to reclaim our country is now or never. The future is not predetermined, but decided by the actions we take today.

It’s now or never.