The Canadian Nationalist Party has learned that the City of Saskatoon has engaged in political discrimination against their organization by denying a permit to assemble at City Hall while granting the same privileges to another political group.

While our application to hold a demonstration for our political party during the month of July was denied due to “denominational” reasons, a competing political group, the NDP, was granted a permit to use the exact same Civic Square space during the month of July. The Canadian Nationalist Party believes this to be an act of political discrimination and one which violates our charter rights.

After learning of this decision, and the decision to grant another political party a permit to demonstrate at Civic Square, the Canadian Nationalist Party again requested a permit to use the space, and again, was denied.

Your application of July 21 appears to be similar to your previous application to book Civic Square. Again the City is unable to approve the request for the Canadian Nationalist Party event as it does not meet the policy guidelines.

You can read the original statement here: Civic Square Booking – Canadian Nationalist Party

If you are someone who believes in a free democracy and the right of access to public spaces for all political parties, we encourage you to contact the Saskatoon Mayor’s office to voice your concerns and demand an explanation:

Office of the Mayor
222 Third Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK   S7K 0J5
Phone 306-975-3202