The Canadian Nationalist Party is today making a formal complaint to Elections Canada regarding the act of sabotage directed toward their campaign on behalf of the so-called "Canadian Anti-Hate Network".

Elections Canada has thus far confirmed a total of 210 of the required 250.

Elections Canada is currently in the process of confirming members of the Canadian Nationalist Party who have mailed a declaration since February 21st, 2018.

Elections Canada has acknowledged the application of the CNP to register a new federal political party.

One of the biggest advantages I have over Mr. Robert Kitchen, is that I am the leader of my party while he is not. I am the decision maker within the Nationalist Party, while he is a backbencher with limited influence within the Conservative Party. If the people of Souris - Moose Mountain desire to have their political voice heard in Ottawa, they must understand that there is no better way to do it than by having the leader of the party himself living nextdoor.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is now offering merchandise through our online store for individuals looking for a way to display their support for the movement.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has learned that the City of Saskatoon has engaged in political discrimination against their organization by denying a permit to assemble at City Hall while granting the same privileges to another political group.

Following the media coverage of our recent July 28th Winnipeg Nationalist Rally hosted at the Belgian Club, the CNP has decided to serve cease and desist letters to a number of Winnipeg media outlets for coverage of the event we believe to be defamatory in nature.

The Canadian Nationalist Party will be hosting events across Western Canada in a bid to share our message and grow the nationalist movement in Canada.