Fellow Canadians,

Or country stands at a pivotal crossroads. We find ourselves at a point in the history of our nation which will determine a future of prosperity or one of complete desolation.

What is at stake here is our very well-being and the well-being of our future generations. We are in a fight we cannot afford to lose. Everything is at stake and defeat is simply not an option.

The enemy is within the gates. Their intention is to erase our culture, rewrite our history, and replace us as people. It is an undeclared war which has been waged against the Canadian man and woman.

Everything we stand for, everything we’ve worked for, and everything we cherish!

For the brave few who dare speak out against this treachery, the media propaganda machine is engaged and their reputation is attacked. Their credibility is threatened and ridicule is used as a weapon to frame them as social outcasts. When this fails, they resort to even more extreme measures to extinguish the flame which has begun to burn.

They own the major media channels, the multi-national corporations, and every established political option. It is a globalist agenda.

And to this we say …

We will not capitulate!
We will not surrender!
And we will not remain silent!

This is our country! We built it and we have no intention of apologizing for it.

Our statues will go back up, and what will come down are those who vandalize them.

The time is now for the Canadian people.

We must unite under the nationalist banner, a banner held high by our fathers and our forefathers before them. We must carry the torch forward for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

Let us hold this banner high …

Our grip must not weaken!
Our focus must not waver!
And our determination must not falter!

We will settle for nothing less than a nation of honour, a nation of justice, and a nation of strength.

Long live the Canadian nationalist movement and long live our people!

Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party

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