Mayor Clark,

I am writing you today with a matter I believe to be most urgent to the people of Saskatoon, the people of Saskatchewan, and the people of Canada as a whole. It is a matter which many seem too afraid to speak out about – yet it has dire implications if we do not garner the strength to overcome it.

Over the course of the last year, I have been working on registering a new political party entitled the Canadian Nationalist Party. I have begun this campaign because I believe, if left to the leadership of the current Conservative and Liberal Parties, this beautiful country we call home will never be the same. I cannot bear to witness this happen while waiting with inaction. Therefore, I have made the intention to become more politically active and this party is a manifestation of such.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the current political establishment has been open to this viewpoint. We have been banned from publicly funded universities, government owned convention centers, and most recently the civic square infront of your city hall. All of these things have come about despite the fact that our party has not said a hateful word, caused no violence, and have violated no laws.

On Friday, June 29th the Canadian Nationalist Party was denied a permit to demonstrate using civic square by the City of Saskatoon. The denial came in response to a request made on June 20th by our leadership team. Your city council viewed the application as an activity which it considered “denominational”.

You can read the full statement here: Civic Square Booking – Canadian Nationalist Party

The day I received this response from your council, I made the trip down to civic square to examine the property myself. The scenery, the flagpoles, and the stone podium, all came together in a manner which seemed magical. I could not help but think to myself that the people who built this public space did so for the very reason we are now requesting: to speak out against the current injustices bestowed upon Canadians. The monument on this property, I read, was dedicated to those who have fought to protect our rights and freedoms during the world wars. Yet, these same freedoms now seem to be in jeopardy.

I believe this decision to be not only a violation of our charter rights, but (considering we are in the process of registering federally with Elections Canada) a breach of the Canada Elections Act. Therefore, we intend to challenge this decision.

We are a group of law abiding citizens who believe that Canadians are a unique people with a unique heritage who have unique interests and we will no longer tolerate being plundered by rootless international interests.

No pain is greater than seeing my beloved country be destroyed by the evil that has infiltrated Ottawa.

Therefore, I will speak out against political censorship in this country – permit or not.

Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party