The truth is that the climate is always changing. There is never a point at which the climate is not in a state of change and the current activity of humans is not creating change to a significant enough degree to justify a taxation scheme which will ultimately suppresses the economic activity of our country, increase the taxation budget of a wrecklessly-wasteful Liberal Government, and put us at a competitive disadvantage to our Americans neighbors who have already adopted a stance of climate skepticism and withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Audio transcript of the Canadian Nationalist Party meeting on March 23, 2019.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is calling for the resignation of Justin Trudeau on the grounds that he and his governing party illegally interefered in the criminal prosecution of Quebec-based company SNC Lavalin. No ruling party can claim the authority to govern Canada if they themselves are actively violating Canadian Law, the law that they swore to uphold while taking public office. An early election must be called and Canadians will choose a new governing party and a new Prime Minister.

One of the biggest advantages I have over Mr. Robert Kitchen, is that I am the leader of my party while he is not. I am the decision maker within the Nationalist Party, while he is a backbencher with limited influence within the Conservative Party. If the people of Souris - Moose Mountain desire to have their political voice heard in Ottawa, they must understand that there is no better way to do it than by having the leader of the party himself living nextdoor.

The CNP is looking forward to a year of success in 2019. The past year saw us emerge as a new party within Canadian politics and one which is well poised to capture the attention of Canadians as the winds of nationalism continue to blow stronger throughout the Western World.

The CNP is calling for supporters to mail in their membership declaration before we submit our registration application to Elections Canada in the 2019 New Year.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is now offering merchandise through our online store for individuals looking for a way to display their support for the movement.

At various periods in the timeline of a nation, sacrifice must be made by those who believe in its founding. Without this investment of spirit on behalf of the folk of the nation, the body politic itself will wither and die.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is in the process of registering as a federal political party with Elections Canada. In order to do so, the party must have at least 250 confirmed members. In this post, we will show how you can help register the CNP.

Party Leader Travis Patron recently had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Van Ham of Free Bird Media to discuss the Canadian Nationalist Party and our plan to compete in the upcoming 43rd Federal Election.