The CNP believes freedom of expression is fundamental in a well-functioning society and promises to fight for this charter right on behalf of Canadians.

The Canadian Nationalist Party stands for the national sovereignty of our Confederacy and Monarchy. We have no obligation to accommodate expansionist interests of foreign governments. For us, Canada comes FIRST!

Party Leader Travis Patron recently attended an all-candidates meeting in his constituency of Souris - Moose Mountain to communicate party policies for the upcoming Federal Election.

Party Leader Travis Patron recently attended an all-candidates forum in his district to communicate nationalist policies to Canadian voters.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today announcing the candidacy of Scarborough-Guildwood resident Gus Stefanis.


Oct 2019

Onward CNP!

The CNP is putting patriots back in parliament.

Party Leader Travis Patron today conducted an interview with Journal Métro.

If the democratic channels are not being made available to the Canadian Nationalist Party, than we will have no choice but to pursue alternative methods of implementing the political change we desire.

CNP will make it illegal to conceal identity when attending a public protest. Failure to do so will be considered a criminal act.

The CNP is today sending a thank you to political party donors. Without these supporters, we would not be able to spread our message with new audiences and compete democratically in our election.